travelling is seen as a time of wonder and excitement, but figuring out what bag to bring can sometimes be stressful. here are a few of my suggestions to help you feel comfortable and prepared for your next big city adventure.


NYC is full of things to see and do. Rightfully known as the city that never sleeps, there is a certain hustle and bustle always felt when navigating around the big Apple. even though many transportation options are available, almost all of them will still require an immense amount of walking, running, and crowd-dodging to get to and fro.

Whether you choose to visit during one of the sticky, humid summers or cold, snowy winters, it’s best to prepare yourself for amazingly scenic strolls with something stylish and practical like the Prada Nylon backpack. I suggest getting it in black or some other dark color because the city can be pretty grimy. If you prefer something a bit dressier, you can opt for something in Prada’s durable Saffiano Leather.

Prada Nylon Backpack
via Bergdorf Goodman



Rome is a breathtakingly beautiful city defined by the glory of its former empire.

It’s also a very loud, crowded place that gets hot quickly from cooking under the Mediterranean sun. This can lead to daytime fatigue (especially because of all the wine you’ll be drinking) and puts you at risk of momentarily letting your guard down ﹘ the perfect condition for prowling pickpocketers looking for their next easy mark.

Try bringing a purse that fastens but won’t compromise on the polished standard of Italian fashion. I suggest a cute bucket bag with a top closure like the Chloé Roy bucket Bag.

Chloé Roy bucket Bag
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Bonus points if it’s small enough to fit into the storage compartment of a Vespa.


Barcelona is a vibrant urban center full of colorful mosaics and splendid architecture. The vibe is very youthful and ﹘ dare I say—hipstery, but with obvious historical roots.

You’ll be doing a lot of walking or riding the bus since the metro closes much earlier than those of most other cities, so be ready to wear something that rests comfortably on your shoulder.

Statement bags in neutral tones are a great option if you’re looking to fit in with native residents. I suggest something with a geometric or asymmetrical structure to pay homage to the city’s design history. The Ostra leather top handle bag by Carolina Santo Domingo is a great choice.

Carolina Santo Domingo Ostra top handle Bag
via Neiman Marcus



Paris is famous for its street style (amongst other things) and is also the most likely to somehow make you feel both under and overdressed at the same time.

The preferred style is simple and understated but with a charm that comes from the quality of the garments. This is great for us “lazier” ladies who prefer to dress more comfortably and low-key.

It’s got a pretty temperate climate, so it can get cold without reaching freezing and has nice comfortable summers. The range of temperatures can inspire you to switch up your accessories constantly but try to keep them simple. A minimalistic crossbody will be your best bet, but you can also opt for a structured top handle bag if you’re going for a more mature vibe. experiment with pops of color! I like the look of the yellow Celine Box bag.

Celine Box Bag
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London’s dreary weather leaves little to be excited about but the city is still a major player in the fashion world and comes with some expectations.

The Brits love a good layered look as it protects them from the wet and windy nature of a city that never really reaches above 80F, even in the summer. pair that with a population size similar to that of NYC, and you’ve got to opt for something a little more urban and weatherproof than usual.

A nice dark-colored nylon or canvas tote will serve you well. You can also opt for humble prints such as plaid or houndstooth if you’re so inclined, but just make sure you keep your bag close to you when traveling on the Underground.

I like the Ella Plaid tote by Tory Burch or Celine’s Tweed Nano Luggage tote in Tan.

Celine Nano Luggage Tote
via 24S